Education, Uncompromised: Champion School in Dewas

CBSE School in dewas

Empowering Students with CBSE Skill Education

The standard of Education prevailing in any educational institution is the sole and true measuring parameter of success for that institution.

Until now, the predicament of moving to bigger cities in pursuit of Education was the major hurdle in acquiring quality education. The financial, emotional, and security concerns while making a decision to part kids from family and send away was adversely affecting both kids and their families.

Champion International School is determined to change this scenario. We feel proud conveying this to you that each kid of the region is now with an opportunity to acquire same level of education, based on same syllabus, and with same facilities, which were so far being offered by only the best schools of bigger cities. The School is going to follow CBSE International guidelines for curriculum as well as evaluation methods. Also, the largely ignored area of Student-to-Teacher ratio is being given extreme attention as well as special emphasis is on creating a pool of talented students by careful scrutiny first and then developing them further. The objective is to have few kids with talent and eagerness to learn than having a huge number to generate revenue. The effect of this can clearly be monitored by personality development and exam results of these kids.